I have had this fabric forever and have been wanting to make these pillows forever but with the move to New Mexico and Morning sickness etc, I haven’t been able to get around to it. This week I finally did it. This will be my first project to post on sew&tell so make sure you all go and look at all the other projects there.

Does your bed need a pick me up? Bored with it? Pillowcases and little pillows are easy to make , cheap and can add a lot to a bed. You can buy little pillows that need to be covered at Joann’s or even Walmart for pretty cheap.

I bought the green duvet at Ikea and bought the orange fabrics to go with it.

[click images to enlarge]

I just put this shelf up and still need to figure out what to put on it

Thanks for Looking!


11 Comments to “Sew&Tell”

  1. I love that orange floral fabric, so cute! Welcome to the Sew+Tell party :o)

  2. this looks so great….congrats on your first sew and tell. i love it

  3. So cute April. Like the bed covers. And the shelf looks cute above the bed. Like it!

  4. I love making cushions,think I might make some for next weeks show and tell.They make such a difference to a bedroom. Your look lovely,love the orange.Andrea xx

  5. That is gorgeous fabric. Love how you trimmed the orange pillowcases. Wonderful.

  6. Isn’t it so neat how seemingly little projects can dress a place up? Fantastic job! Welcome to Sew & Tell Friday!

  7. Yes, the fabrics are great! Very crisp and fresh looking.

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